My second Series IIa 88" bought in 1981

1981 Snowdon

The picture is on the road from Snowdon towards Capel Curig (A 4086)in North Wales.

We, three young children my wife and the dog were due to go on holiday on the Saturday and the van we had brokedown, beyond repair, on the preceding Wednesday so we had to replace it quick.

On the way to Black Rock

The Land Rover we bought was practically identical to the first one I had, but it needed a new rear cross-member before its MOT in the November. We packed in and off we went, had a lovely holiday and kept the motor for 7 years until the chassis was falling apart. I did not have the time or resources to restore it so it had to go.
It to was a 1966 ex-military with dual fuel tanks under the front seats and the classic military double bumper, which I kept and now have on the LWB Safari.

Garage as was
The Landy had to live here until we sorted the garage and moved it further back 8 foot.

Loaded for the Lake District
The first camping trip to the Lake District took us to Eskdale. We had just had a new frame tent and decided to test it at the begining of May. It snowed, rained and was cold, but we were happy!!
Loaded for the Lake District

Poor lad, he had no chance!

Sam sitting on the bonnet yet again, at age 4. What chance did he have, he always loved Landys.

A couple of years later!

Masai Red, just for a change. This was a camp site on the Lleyn in Wales.

All three kids & me & the dog! Somewhere in Wales
Despite the rain we still love Wales.

Near Snowdon

A green lane almost, somewhere, probably Wales, or maybe Shropshire!

Near Snowdon

This was near Abersoch on the Lleyn Peninsula

A track near Nefyn

This was a track to an old quarry, once.

Further along the track

Further up the track.

Near Snowdon

Looking down Nantgwynant near Snowdon, need I say Wales...

At /tatton Park
Among the trees at Tatton Park near Manchester Airport. The oil cooler is visible through the radiator grill, this sometimes vibrated making a horrible rattling noise, nothing to worry about though.
The dog can be seen on the front passenger seat through the windscreen, she was a worry!

At /tatton Park
Must have been a cold day!